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Pet Healing

Would you like to know that your pet is happy and healthy?

Well, the energy of your pet can be felt and analysed on a distance healing session. Here are a couple of examples to give you an idea of the information that can be gained in a distance healing session:


As I connected with the dog’s energy, I became aware that the rear legs felt a little stiff and achy, more noticeably the right.

As I went through the chakras, the energy was generally low at the back except the third eye (looking back at the past) and the solar plexus (sense of identity, sense of self).

I also felt that there was a small ache at the top the back, just underneath the shoulder blade.

The energy pattern suggests that there is something which has happened in the past which has affected the dog’s sense of self, hence why the third eye and solar plexus are projecting back, and the slight back ache relates to feelings about the past.

And with the right side being more noticeable, perhaps there used to be a male companion who is no longer around?

I cleared and energized the chakras, front and back, giving extra attention to the solar plexus and third eye, and I would like to affirm that the aches I felt were only slight and should not be any cause for concern.

“It was interesting to read that Richard thought that my pet’s right leg was stiff because the vet noticed this and has been treating her for arthritis. Before my pet came to live with us, it seems that she had an awful life and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it has affected her. As far as the male companion is concerned, my husband who my pet is devoted to has started to work away from home although he does come back at weekends.”


It became apparent as I started that there was a general sense of heaviness in the joints, more so on the left than the right and more noticeably, the left shoulder.

This may mean that the dog has concerns about a female presence as the left side is the female side of the body.

The energy levels were lowest at the front of the root chakra, (home, health, well being) and the back of the heart. The back relates to feelings about the past.

I also felt that the dog has a deep sense of feeling, and that there may be a cause for thinking too much, hence a slight headache I perceived during the session.

I also felt that the dog is happy and I felt a sense of playfulness in character, even if that is not always shown by the quality of movement.

“The left shoulder that Richard identified as a problem has occasionally been an issue tho' not a big one but my pet was definitely lame with it shortly after Richard's treatment and it showed. The vet X-rayed the shoulder which was in fact OK but my pet's left elbow now has arthritis in it too, hence the soreness.”

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