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What is Bi-Aura Therapy?

Please contact me for a FREE phone consultation to see if I can help you: 0044 1383 730539

(11am to 7pm UK time. You can check the UK time here).

Bi-Aura Therapy is a non invasive holistic healing where the practitioner encourages the flow of the client’s universal energy from above and earth energy from below, through the client’s body and through their chakra system to release blocked energy and harmonise the flow of the client’s energy, and to further energise the client to a higher level of health and well being.

The practise of Bio-Energy is believed to originate from the oriental countries and India. Bi-Aura Therapy is the refined version of Bio-Energy where practitioners have undergone an eight month course of study culminating in a three hour theory paper, practical exam and a set of six case studies which altogether, have been given the recognition and status of a Diploma and is a therapy recognised by the Complementary Medical Association and the Alliance of Healing Associations.

The Chakra System is a field of energy centres that respond to the thoughts that we think and the emotions that we feel, and by locating any energy blocks, the therapist can guide the client to release the cause of those energy blocks and bring them in to conscious awareness, enabling the client to move on in life, de-stress and to sleep much better. This same field of energy also forms the basis for acupuncture, another oriental practice.

What are you holding on to?

What do you need to let go of?

What's weighing you down?

Release it all with Bi-Aura Therapy - to help you be YOU again!

What if you could get rid of your emotional luggage and quieten your busy mind to get a good night's sleep?

Well there's good news, with Bi-Aura Therapy, you can! 

Bi-Aura Therapists are-

  • qualified with a diploma in Bi-Aura Therapy
  • recognised by the Complementary Healing Association
  • and also by the Alliance of Healing Associations

“When you were...oh my God I feel so much cleaner, better and relaxed.”

“I was nearly asleep on my feet relaxing.”

“I feel as though I am generally benefitting from receiving Bi-Aura.”

(Quotations from clients he has personally treated).

Bi-Aura works with the energy field to -

  • release any heaviness and emotional luggage that you may be carrying,
  • feel more energized to do things (because you chi will be stirred),
  • help to improve your sleeping pattern

In addition to this, other benefits may happen too which vary from person to person as we are all individual, (depending where the imbalances occur).Bi-Aura has helped me to -

  • release the grief from losing my parents 4 days apart with a failed attempt at CPR on my own mother,
  • release some buried feelings from losing 11 colleagues in an IRA bomb in 1989,
  • feel more carefree and happy inside.

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