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Meditate & Heal

Have you ever wondered why people get ill? Come to this event to learn:

• How your emotions affect your health.

• How they manifest through the chakras.

• Positive action to reduce the risk of illness.

• Some healing stories.

• The humorous side of being an empath.

Allow yourself to relax and be guided into a meditative state. The deeper you ground yourself, the better you will feel as you safely ascend.

The session will start with a short grounding meditation (8 minutes), and then while you are relaxed, a group healing session will be received by everyone present during the second meditation (30 minutes).

What you may (or may not) expect:

Heat – If you feel heat in an area of the body, then you are receiving healing in that area. It will happen where it needs to.

Coolness – If you experience a cooling sensation, then your energy is being calmed down or soothing out of any excessive energy areas.

Tingling – If you experience a tingling sensation, then this may suggest that your energy is being grounded. This sensation is most common around the feet and legs, though it may happen in other areas too.

Action + Intention = Result

Action = please click "BOOK HERE" (on the button below)

Intention = to heal

Result = feeling better

No need for yoga mats as this is a seated meditation. Beginners welcome. 

Release, Relax & Recharge your energy with meditation and group energy healing for greater health and wellbeing. (Social distancing encouraged).


Sunday 7th November 2021 at 3pm

"The Space", 183 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2EB

                    BOOK HERE (£5)                    

Wednesdays Fridays & Saturdays in Edinburgh

Aura Readings 

30-minutes emailed as a pdf (£25).

Bi-Aura Therapy

1 hour minimum contact energy therapy. (£45)

Address: Shining Light, 141 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2EA (next door to CJs Cafe opposite the Co-op).