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Aura readings: Appointments for 30 minutes​


(your email address will be used as a reference point)

What is an Aura Reading? 

By placing your left hand on a hand plate for a couple of minutes, the plate reads the energy of the left hand to reveal all the colours in your aura, the strength of your body's chakra centres, a character analysis of what all the colours in your aura mean about you and more.

In the same way as your feet, each part of your left hand is connected with all the different parts of your body, so it can tell you the colour coming in from the left (how you view the world), and the colour coming in from the right (how the world views you), the colour above your head (the way that you think), and of course your main base colour. In fact, you can have a 22 page document with all this information.

Why should I have one?

You can check the strength of your body's chakra energy centres. It is just an interesting experience to have if you've never had one before. By placing your left hand on a hand plate for a couple of minutes, by reading the electro-magnetic energy of the left hand, you will see:

  • all the colours in your aura
  • the strength of your body's chakra centres
  • a character analysis of what all the colours in your aura mean about you, and much more...

The Aura Image

This is a representation of the individual bio-energetic field, emotional energetic state, personality type and energetic wellness. This service is for information purposes only and should not in any way be thought of as a medical diagnosis. 

The colour wheel

The colour wheel gives you an overview of the complete colour range. It is recommended to use your aura colour or the complimentary opposite colour to relax and balance yourself.

Yin Yang balance

The short needle reflects the Yin-female-left qualities.

The long needle reflects the Yang-male-right qualities of your energy system.


01383 730539

Mind-Body-Spirit graph

The mind-body-spirit graph gives you an idea of how these energies are distributed.

Mind: Your focus is mainly on creativity, mental and emotional expression and communication.

Body: Your focus is on physical reality and results, and body related activities.

Spirit: Your focus is on personal development, feelings, intuition, spirituality and inner qualities. 

Energy Level graph 

This shows the different energy channels that are measured and is based on your electro-dermal activity. 

The Indigo Channel represents your Intuitive Energy (1)

The Green Channel represents your

Mental Energy(2)

The Light Blue Channel represents your

Emotional Energy (3)

The Red Channel represents your

Physical Energy(4)

He can also scan the aura (without scientific equipment), and unblock any chakras and energise them. This is more powerful than other therapies as the energy is moved as well as channelled and is called Bi-Aura Therapy.

Another Bi-Aura therapist had me unblocked and energised in one sitting as the aura readings that I did on myself show before and after treatment pictures of the chakras as below.

Before Bi-Aura therapy             

After Bi-Aura therapy             

Aura Reading Parties

Why not throw an Aura Reading Party? FREE READING for one host, £15 for all guests. Minimum of 3 guests required. Maximum of 6 guests.

Why not make an evening of it and compare your aura with all of your friends? Or you could just use it as an excuse to invite your friends and neighbours around? Or what about a bring-a-bottle hen night at home with a difference?

Resulting readings will be available to read at the party and emailed the following day, though they may also be saved onto your memory stick if you bring one.

0044 7792 854088

Email: [email protected]

Aura Readings

30 mins £25

Aura reports are saved as a pdf and sent to your email address directly after the appointment.